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Royal Bengal Tiger

George Schaller wrote:

"India has to decide whether it wants to keep the tiger or not. It has to decide if it is worthwhile to keep its National Symbol, its icon, representing wildlife. It has to decide if it wants to keep its natural heritage for future generations, a heritage more important than the cultural one, whether we speak of its temples, the Taj Mahal, or others, because once destroyed it cannot be replaced."

Taking cue from the Elephant Parade held in London, some of India's finest artists have created ‘The Tiger Trail’ here in India through an initiative called ARTIGER to generate awareness and funds in order to save the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger that is also our National Animal. 

Prominent artists have painted 58 life size fibre glass Royal Bengal Tigers, each with the artists' signature style. These tigers will be adopted by leading corporate houses in the country. For a period of three months, the tigers will be displayed in public spaces all over New Delhi, beginning December 2010, after which they will belong to the corporate house s that have adopted them.
All the money raised through the sale of these tigers will be donated to ‘The Ranthambore Foundation’ which is doing fine work in this domain.

To know more about ARTIGER visit or join the ARTIGER group on Facebook.


Photographs: March 2008
Location: Landfill, Delhi

Where does all the waste go?

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Photograph: Sanjana M, March 2008
Location: Landfill, Delhi
Marmalade Skies © Sanjana M



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