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Photos: Sanjana M
Location: New York

Action Plan

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Waiting for the Sun (+ Coldplay)

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Photographs: Sanjana M
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Photographs: Sanjana M
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writing on the wall

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Across these lands,
Shrouded by mist galore,
Lies a castle tall and grand,
That you and I contrived.



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I thought a stream of prose would flow - 
Continuous, from its eternal source.
But as the clouds of thoughts grow sparse,
The words slowly disperse.



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A barren canvas stretches on,
Waiting for a stroke,
For the paint that lends it life -
From void to vivid.



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Location : Jantar Mantar

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The To Do List

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The Holstee Manifesto

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〈 You Say You Want A Revolution 〉

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Artist Anish Kapoor's work was displayed at Delhi's National Gallery of Modern Art from November 28, 2010 to February 17, 2011. Along with his works, the gallery also showcased a film titled "Imagine: The Year of Anish Kapoor" that helped viewers to garner insight into how his work is conceived and what it it means to him.

Anish Kapoor's "To reflect an Intimate Part of the Red" (1981) was one of the works on display at the NGMA.



. RE . VOLT . AGE .

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Photograph 1 - Sanya M
Photograph 2 - Sanjana M
Location: India Art Summit, New Delhi

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home

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Artwork displayed at the India Art Summit held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. (20 - 23 January 2011)

 Photographs by Sanya M


# 2: Anjolie Ela Menon for ARTIGER

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This tiger was created as part of project ARTIGER.

Gifted to the City of Delhi 

sheila dikshit
"The arts and hearts came together in the ARTIGER project. I am happy that the tigers have made Delhi their home. While they remain in our public space, their real place is in our hearts"
           Anjolie Ela Menon wrote:
"Tiger burning bright we are with you fight hearts in this fight. 
Art in public spaces is an idea whose time has come."

About the artist:
Anjolie Ela Menon was born in West Bengal. She studied at the J. J. School of Art. She won the French Government scholarship to Ecole National des Beaux Arts, Paris. Menon has had over thirty solo shows and has participated in several international group shows. 
She is also a well-known muralist and has represented India at the Sao Paulo Biennale Brazil. Her works can be found in many private and museum collections. She was awarded the Padmashri in 2000.

To know more about ARTIGER visit or join the ARTIGER group on Facebook.

# 1: Raghava KK for ARTIGER

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 This tiger was created as part of project ARTIGER.

Artist: Raghava KK
Adopted by Arun Kapur

About the artist:

Raghava KK is a self-taught artist, born in Bangalore, India in 1980. His work has spanned genres as widely disparate as painting, sculpture, installation, film, performance, and even his own wedding.

He started his career in 1997, originally as a cartoonist with Indian national dailies, and over the next 10 years, would reinvent himself to use several different mediums. Raghava’s works have been auctioned by the Queens Museum and Christie’s NY (in an auction curated by the Indo American Arts Council). He has been extensively featured by the Indian and international media and supported and endorsed by numerous celebrities and significant figures in the international art scene.

Recipient of grants such as one from the Robin Hood Foundation to create a permanent exhibition of his works in the Bronx, New York and another from the American India Foundation to premier his performance art piece Anthropomorphism in California, Raghava was most recently invited as a guest by the city of Nimes, France to exhibit his works at the Carre d’Art Musee d’Art Contemporain.

He has lectured and taught at several art institutes, including the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Nimes, France) and the New Hampshire Institute of Art (Manchester, NH, USA).

He lives and works both in the US and India. 

To know more about ARTIGER visit or join the ARTIGER group on Facebook.

Tracing the Tiger

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I had written about ARTIGER, a public art initiative to save the tiger, in my previous post.

The project got 50 prominent Indian artists to paint life size fibre glass sculptures of the Royal Bengal Tiger that were then auctioned to raise money for tiger conservation. 

The artists that are part of this initiative are:

• Akshay Rathore
• Amitesh Shrivastava
• Anandjit Ray
• Aneesh Kr 
• Anjum Singh 
• Antonio E Costa
• Arunashu Chowdhury 
• Arzan Khambatta 
• Asim Waqif 
• B.M. Kamath 
• Baaraan Ijlal 
• Binoy Varghese
• Bonny Hazuria 
• Chittrovanu Mazumdar
• Debanjan Roy 
• Devang M. Anglay 
• Dilip Chabisa 
• Farhad Husain 
• G.R Iranna 
• Jenny Bhatt 
• Kartik Sood 
• Kournudi Patil 
• Kumar Kanti Sen
• Kumaresan 
• Lalit Vikamshi 
• Madhvi Parekh 
• Mahesh Baliga 
• Manu Parekh 
• Mekhala Bahl 
• Mike Knowles 
• Mithu Sen 
• Nandita Kumar
• Paresh Maity 
• Pooja Iranna 
• Prathap Modi 
• Priti Kahar 
• Priyanka Dasgupta 
• Pushkar Thakur 
• Rajesh Ram 
• Rambali Chauhan 
• Ravi Joshi 
• Rekha Rodwitya 
• Rohit Chawla 
• Samar Jodha 
• Saravanan
• Seema Kohli 
• Sharmi Chowdhury 
• Shreyas Karle 
• Siddharta Karwal
• Suhasini Kejriwal 
• Sujata Bajaj 
• Sunil Padwal 
• Surajit Sarkar 
• Tanmoy Samanta 
• Trishla Jain 
• Vivek Vilasini 

To know more about ARTIGER visit or join the ARTIGER group on Facebook.

Marmalade Skies © Sanjana M



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