# 2: Anjolie Ela Menon for ARTIGER

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This tiger was created as part of project ARTIGER.

Gifted to the City of Delhi 

sheila dikshit
"The arts and hearts came together in the ARTIGER project. I am happy that the tigers have made Delhi their home. While they remain in our public space, their real place is in our hearts"
           Anjolie Ela Menon wrote:
"Tiger burning bright we are with you fight hearts in this fight. 
Art in public spaces is an idea whose time has come."

About the artist:
Anjolie Ela Menon was born in West Bengal. She studied at the J. J. School of Art. She won the French Government scholarship to Ecole National des Beaux Arts, Paris. Menon has had over thirty solo shows and has participated in several international group shows. 
She is also a well-known muralist and has represented India at the Sao Paulo Biennale Brazil. Her works can be found in many private and museum collections. She was awarded the Padmashri in 2000.

To know more about ARTIGER visit http://artiger.org/home.html or join the ARTIGER group on Facebook.

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    Nice. Now I can see Dilli here :) Keep reporting with more pics :)

  • Sanjana M said...
    http://marmaladeskies-sanjanamalhotra.blogspot.com/2011/02/2-anjolie-ela-menon-for-artiger.html?showComment=1330496769485#c1495815544287102167'> February 29, 2012 at 1:26 AM

    Will do so



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